Jong-kai Yang, CFA


Global University Ranking

Shows how the world's top 200 universities, dispersed across each continents, performed on key metrics compared with each others. Through the use of a parallel coordinates chart and the affordance to browse through different years, I hope you will learn something about the relative strength of top schools and how they evolved.

San Francisco
Metro Transportation Agency

San Francisco has invested in a Transit Signal Priority (TSP) system, which helps buses get green lights more often. After implementing TSP on several lines, the city now has data to be able to answer the key question: Is Transit Signal Priority resulting in improvements to travel time for MUNI bus riders?


TV Show: hitch-hiking trip

In 2010, Public Television Service recorded a one-hour TV show on me taking the challenge of finishing the round-Taiwan-island trip (about 1,100km) within 36 hours, all by hitch-hiking. This is the official trailer.


Working in Taiwan's tallest building, Taipei 101 tower, I was inspired to capture the beauty of Taipei City. This is a time lapse video looking down from the 76th Floor of the Taipei 101 tower.

Campfire bottom insulation

The enormous heat a campfire radiates into ground is a serious problem since it deserts the site for years. As a member of NTU Rover Crew, I invented a simple but effective construction using air and water to insulate the heat. Our crew was thereafter the only student club that was ever allowed to make a campfire within the NTU campus.

About Me

An explorer of the boundaries of beliefs and knowledge.
A financial analyst, a programmer.
A Rover scout, a museum tour guide.
A bicycle rider, a backpacker.
Aim to harness the power of information and empower the world.